The 15th Food and Beverage Technology Summit

LEEG will participate in the 15th Food and Beverage Technology Summit, which will be held in Guangzhou in August 18-19, 2021. It will discuss the food and beverage industry regulations and 30+ hot topics such as development trends, formulas, food safety, innovative packaging, and innovative processing technologies. In addition, the 2021 Food Industry-Ringier Technology Innovation Award Ceremony will also bring the latest products and innovative technologies of the year. Colleagues from R&D, production, branding, packaging, quality inspection and other departments of the food and beverage nutrition and health industry will participate together. This event will invite authoritative experts to bring cutting-edge information, discuss hot topics, and help companies interpret policies, grasp trends, and improve Increase production capacity, reduce costs, expand contacts, and grasp potential business opportunities.

LEEG Hygienic pressure transmitter, designed for food and pharmaceutical industry, is suitable for CIP/SIP cleaning and sterilization. Smart compact design, the wetted parts is made of high quality stainless steel 316L and integral welding, roughness≤0.4um, filling fluid with hygiene standard in line with FDA certification, variety of international standard process connections are available.
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