LCD11 Field Display Instrument
Brief Introduction
24 Bit ADC MCU inside. Customer can use three buttons instead of the potentiometer, to program the zero point, span, decimal point, damping and alarm point etc.

• Backlight big screen, 350° rotation angle.
• 30 more display units, flexible 3 buttons setting.
• 24 bits high precision ADC sampling, lightning protection(4KV).
• Optional on-off alarm output, display and control integration.
• Suitable for 4-20mA transmitters at site display and on-off alarm output.

• Power supply: 4-20mA two loop power supply, max perssure drop 8VDC
• Output signal: 4-20mA two wire signal loop output for option
• Site operation: 3 buttons, all parameters can be modified at site
• Warranty: 12 months under normal use Display parameters
• Accuracy class: ±0.1%F.S., ±1 bit
• ADC sampling: 24 bits
• Housing material: ABS+PC
• Rotation angle: 350°, convenient to observe
• Environmental temperature: -20-70℃
• Storage temperature: -20-70℃
• Humidity limit: 5-85%RH, no outer protection

Industry application
• Process variable
• 4-20mA current value or percentage site display

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