Hygienic design of SMP858 - Surface roughness

The key point of hygienic design is whether the product meets the cleaning requirements of various production sites. The product is affected by the ambient temperature and the performance of the product itself during production process. Some residues will inevitably adhere to the surface of the transmitter. If it is not cleaned in time, secondary pollution will occur. According to the 3-A hygiene standard, the contact surface roughness Ra should be at least 0.8 μm. Normally, the contact surface roughness of the transmitter is controlled by mechanical processing equipment, and can also be achieved by surface treatment (such as mechanical polishing, electrolytic polishing, oxidation treatment, etc.). While ensuring the production process, a special roughness testing instrument must be used to control the process of contact surface roughness.

SMP858-TSF hygienic pressure transmitter, designed for food and pharmaceutical industry, is suitable for CIP/SIP cleaning and sterilization. Smart compact design, the wetted parts is made of high quality stainless steel 316L and integral welding, roughness≤0.4um, conform to international sterile standard. We have a lot of successful experience in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and bio-engineering industries, and provide customers with hygienic measurement solutions.

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