Hygienic design of SMP858 - filling fluid

Pressure transmitters usually use filling fluid for pressure transmission. For hygienic design, the selection of filling fluid is also very important, because once the filling fluid leaks, it will directly leak into the medium and cause pollution. The selection of the filling fluid must be non-toxic and harmless, even if there is a leakage, it will not cause secondary pollution to the medium. According to the 3-A hygienic standard, the filling fluid must be FDA certified.


• Fully-welded structure to reduce the leakage point at utmost.
• Without any hygiene residue, meet the highest hygiene standards.
• Central diaphragm overload protection structure, the highest overload pressure up to 42MPa.
• Available for low range with high overload pressure and high accuracy.
• Hygiene design to meet the standard FDA and GMP.
• Material and roughness of surface meet the hygiene standard.
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