LEEG was elected as a member of China Instrument Industry Association
Shanghai LEEG Instruments Co., Ltd. was elected as the Council Member of the Eighth (2019-2023) Council of China Instrument Industry Association! The China Instrument Industry Association was established in 1988. It is a national, industrial, and non-profit social organization that brings together many leading, well-known enterprises and scientific research institutes in the industry, and plays the role of a bridge and bond between government departments and member units. Actively carry out exchange activities in the fields of information, technology, talents and management with relevant organizations in the same industry at home and abroad and between member units.

LEEG focuses on the R & D and production of mono-silicon piezoresistive technology pressure transmitters. Its products include mono-silicon pressure transmitters for the process industry and hygienic pressure transmitters for the pharmaceutical and food industries, services domestic and foreign engineering and equipment suppliers.
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