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"Ten eau" émis, Shanghai leeg aide la prévention de la pollution de l'eau

Durée: 2018-06-14

《Water pollution prevention plan of action》officially issued on Apr 16th 2015, the sewage treatment project construction in towns will be greatly accelerated. In terms of the pressure and level measurement for the treatment of sewage sludge, sewage, valve and membrane filtration , Shanghai LEEG professionally recommends SMP131-TBD/TRD/TCD series pressure transmitter and LMP633-NLN/NCN series level transmitter. These products use ceramic sensor and plastic to manufacture, possess good corrosion and wear resistance, especially for in sewage treatment equipment and engineering, help users to greatly reduce operating costs.Supporting professional pressure and level measurement for environmental protection and Life healthy industry is always the key business of Shanghai LEEG Instruments. In the past ten years, we have been providing professional DMP305X micro differential pressure transmitter and SMP131-TLD micro pressure transmitter for air pollution prevention and control of flue gas monitoring equipment. These products of high precision and long-term stability have won lots of customers’ trust.