Our Corporate Culture

  • Our corporate culture is made of our vision, mission, values and business philosophy of LEEG. Our vision is what we stand for, our mission shows what we want to achieve together, our values is what should guide our action, and business philosophy acts as our code of conduct.

  • Because we strongly believe that the backbone for the glory of corporate is guiding the work by specific corporate culture. As well as the supreme principle of decision-making in our company.

Our Vision

  • To be an excellent provider of measuring and control instrument solutions.

  • We are convinced that only by constantly pursuing excellence, embracing the change, can we make a step ahead of competition in the market. Meanwhile based on our mastery of core technologies and deep comprehension of product applications, we can provide customers with the best measuring and control instrument solutions.

Our Mission

  • Make the measurement and control process safer.

  • Neither do we stop to explore technology, nor innovate new things. We inject a steady flow of creativity, imagination into each product development design, and provide customers with safe measurement and control solutions.

Our Values

  • The values shape a strong corporate culture that makes our vision a reality.

  • Make customer successful is the most important values that we strive to provide high-quality products and services, continue to create maximum value for customers, help customers achieve extraordinary success.

  • Customer first: Be an excellent partner. Help customers to be successful.

  • Innovation: Active innovation and pursuit of the best

  • Efficiency: Be sincere to others and act with concentrated attention, Make reasonable arrangements and quick response

  • Perseverance: Go beyond the extraordinary and pursue excellence

Our Business Philosophy

  • Our business philosophy provides orientation to all employees of LEEG for their daily activities. Help us know what to do, what not to do.

  • Development concept: Personalized customization, rapid response, professional solution, market segments

  • Management concept: sincere, be fully implemented, fulfill our responsibilities, done in one time

  • Service concept: empathy, joyful experience, make customer successful and create surprises

  • Personnel concept: people-oriented, morality first, personnel director, performance based

  • Work concept: Be sincere to others and act with concentrated attention, happy to work and grow together

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