CSA Certification Ceremony
LEEG received the first certificate of local manufactures of compliance with hazardous locations for pressure transmitters from CSA Group. As the first domestic pressure transmitter manufacturer to obtain CSA certification, we would like to express our gratitude to Ms. Ge Yanqing, the President of CSA Group China, and her team for attending the certification ceremony in LEEG during the COVID-19 pandemic.
CSA Group has more than 100 years of experience in certification and a century of experience that is internationally renowned. CSA certificate has been recognized and accepted by various regulatory agencies. North America is the largest market in the pressure transmitter industry. Together with CSA Group, we look forward to the greater success of LEEG core products DMP305X and SMP858 series mono silicon pressure transmitters in the North American market. We also look forward to the strategic cooperation with CSA Group to further expand the global influence.

LEEG is a professional R&D manufacturer of pressure transmitters. Our corporate vision is to make the measurement and control process safer. The product philosophy is “Safety by Design”. Safety is our soul, and making products comply with various safety standards is the primary design concept. This has also created many “firsts” in China. The first batch passed IECEx and ATEX. The first manufacturer that launched the pharmaceutical food hygienic pressure transmitter, the first set of CIP cleaning test equipment, the only manufacturer that has passed the US 3-A and European EHEDG sanitation certification. Now, we are the first CSA explosion-proof certified manufacturer. Strategic cooperation with CSA Group, we look forward to creating more leadership in the North American market, from the current development in China to become the world's leading manufacturer of pressure transmitters.

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